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I have a 30x30 grid, how do I make a prims maze half the height and width of that grid?

1st Jan 2021, 11:49 AM
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1 Answer
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Kirill Vidov #This is a colour guessing game. #There are 3 colours to guess from: red,blue,yellow #Just type your colour choice. #Guess rightly and win, otherwise you loose :) #Please upvote if you like it. import sys from random import randint as rad class Obj: def __init__(self,rec): #initialization self.rec = rec def __repr__(self): #magic method for automatic object formatting return ("Memory slot({})".format(self.rec)) class Choice(Obj): #choice inherits frm obj def __getitem__(self,val): #magic method to get a specified index value from a list res = self.rec[rad(0,val)] #randomizing indices btw 0 and a specified index "val" print ("CPU says {}".format(res)) #printing the randomized result. return (res) def __eq__(self,other): #magic method defining a behaviour for the "==" operator return (self.rec==other) def __exit__(self,other): if self.rec not in other: return sys.exit() mem= Choice(["red","blue","yel
3rd Jan 2021, 9:54 AM
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