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To senior programmers, how do I use the basics to implement the requirements in the questions? Help me, I am a beginner

I am a computer science student in the first semester of the university, I do not have a previous background in programming and I started directly studying the basics of Java programming, but .. I do not know how to use the basics because I cannot analyze what is required in the question until I can start using these basics. I hope that the major programmers can help me clearly, how can I use the basics, that is, how do I write the algorithm and how do I know and analyze all of that is required in order to write the program correctly! I can't use the basics without knowing how to use them

4th Dec 2020, 12:45 AM
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This is a very open-ended question and not really related to code, but it is about programming and seems to be sincere, so I'll attempt an answer from my own experience. Try posting these types of questions in your feed in the future 😉 So, how to use the basics. Personally, thinking about a problem in the terms of basics is not what I would suggest anyone to do. I have had great success personally and professionally by thinking of the problem in terms of what the result should be. For example, if the problem was to display a list of user data sorted by the users' first names, I start with knowing that I will need a list structure which will need to be sorted, instead of thinking about variables, loops, or other logic flow control. With enough practice, the basics will just come to you naturally as you code towards your goal. TLDR; Start with what you know you will need and let the basics fall into place as you make those things happen.
4th Dec 2020, 1:49 AM
Zeke Williams
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