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isspace() is breaking input?

I'm writing a code to help speed up an in-game inventory system, and I need to use isspace to make sure it doesn't get counted as a consonant. However, it causes anything past the space to not be counted, and seemingly breaks the cin command.

23rd Nov 2020, 2:35 AM
Madeleine Beeson
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1 Answer
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It's not isspace(). It's how cin will works. cin will only grab chars up to the first whitespace character. string s; char c; cin >> s; If "how are you?" is entered s will only be equal to "how" and the rest of the input is left in the input stream. You need to use getline() to get all the chars up to a \r\n etc. Note; there are 2 versions of getline(). Review them both to see which you need.
23rd Nov 2020, 3:25 AM
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