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Which language is in trend now ??

Lets discuss about most trending programming languages...🤔

22nd Sep 2020, 2:45 AM
Tony ✞ঔৣ۝Yadav۝ঔৣ✞
Tony ✞ঔৣ۝Yadav۝ঔৣ✞ - avatar
72 Answers
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That you are learning
22nd Sep 2020, 2:56 AM
Shino - avatar
+ 9
Javascript 😎😎
23rd Sep 2020, 10:15 AM
Developer Ratul
Developer Ratul - avatar
+ 8
I think people should learn the language they are comfortable with and does the job. There's a lot of talk over the internet about this language being superior to the other and vice versa. These people talk too much you may wonder if they really have time to code. Just code and create with that language that you use and learn, shift to another language if you are looking for a certain functionality, not because of the popularity contests.
23rd Sep 2020, 8:36 PM
Celestino🇰🇪🇫🇷 - avatar
+ 6
Python is the best you can use it for hacking, creating game and for many more things.
22nd Sep 2020, 2:27 PM
Divyansh Singh
Divyansh Singh - avatar
+ 6
C# is also useful for creating games right ?
23rd Sep 2020, 7:18 AM
akarsh - avatar
+ 6
I think Java and Python, but I like C#. Furthermore I believe C# may have some potential to grow because it was developed by Microsoft.
23rd Sep 2020, 8:29 PM
Natacha - avatar
+ 5
Python is the most popular right now but every programming language is a tool, so learn the one that you need, use the right tools.
22nd Sep 2020, 9:03 PM
GT01 TV - avatar
+ 5
Python, java, and c++
23rd Sep 2020, 1:19 PM
Priya Sharma :)
Priya Sharma :) - avatar
+ 5
Pyhton, Java and JavaScript
23rd Sep 2020, 2:06 PM
Rudra Pratap Singh
Rudra Pratap Singh - avatar
+ 4
My favourite html 🤣
23rd Sep 2020, 5:33 AM
Hriday Kalita
23rd Sep 2020, 4:12 PM
+ 3
Python is trending 1st. Afterthat C follewd by C++.
22nd Sep 2020, 3:01 AM
Anshu Kumar
Anshu Kumar - avatar
+ 3
Python, Java, C++, Flutter, Kotlin It depend your work what kind of work you can
22nd Sep 2020, 3:15 PM
Aaditya Pramod Burujwale
Aaditya Pramod Burujwale - avatar
23rd Sep 2020, 7:50 AM
Namit Aggarwal
+ 3
It depends. But you are newbie then I'll recommend to learn basic Python And then You s😀hould get the core knowledge of C ...afterward your SAGA Whichever u like the most💁💁
23rd Sep 2020, 8:37 AM
SAHAL - avatar
+ 3
Python and Java😃
23rd Sep 2020, 9:11 AM
Si Thu Tun
Si Thu Tun - avatar
+ 3
Python, java, javascript, php, c#, R, swift
23rd Sep 2020, 9:34 AM
Arshia - avatar
+ 3
I think python and java languages. specially python language. Today this language is very popular because it is used for data science.
23rd Sep 2020, 1:02 PM
K M Suneth K
K M Suneth K - avatar
+ 3
1. If you are asking for a startup trending language. Python is famous for its easiness and machine learning mechanics. 2. Then for medium-level programmers, the trend is javascript, java, and c# for great user experience and flexibility of OOP. 3. On the other hand, the mortal language of all the times is C/C++ as both are good for high-performance products I.e embedded systems or AAA games 🎯.
24th Sep 2020, 2:31 AM
Sufian Ahmad
Sufian Ahmad - avatar