Can I make carrier in Programming using python??

Should I practise and master python or learn any other language??

3rd Sep 2020, 4:14 AM
Pratham Vaish
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What??? How can a person make carrier using python???? That is made with wheels and some other material like wood etc
3rd Sep 2020, 6:36 AM
Namit Jain
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Bro, Python is a high-level language. If you want to become a game-developer, C++ is best for you. If you want to become a software engineer like Google, better go with Python, but first learn MySQL fundamentals. If you have no knowledge of Python, better start with C. The best carrier you can have in Python is web-development. Android app development is the best in Java. If you want to learn Python, better learn C/C++ first, then go with Python.
3rd Sep 2020, 4:29 AM
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