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How to increase my skills ?

Can anyone please tell me how to increase my all skills?

3rd Mar 2017, 2:13 PM
Get Ready
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10 Answers
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Try visiting different programming communities and learn from them :D
17th Mar 2017, 1:45 AM
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learner mean you have to complete many course ( all language if you want) contributor mean you have to answer the question in Q&A section. more upvote answer more skill. challange mean you have to do challange a lot.
17th Mar 2017, 3:14 AM
Agus Mei
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/*Skills a = new Skills(); a.increase(a++);*/
3rd Mar 2017, 3:12 PM
Meharban Singh
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To increase your skills you have to start Learning more Programming languages. The more you explore in programming the more skillful you become. So start Coding..
3rd Mar 2017, 2:46 PM
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Thanks for all answers but I mean to say that how I can increase my sololearn's skill like Learner, Contributor,etc.
4th Mar 2017, 8:49 AM
Get Ready
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I'd recommend not learning more depth of language itself, but some skills using it. For example like computer graphics, networks, machine learning, etc.
26th Mar 2017, 3:28 PM
Sungmin Woo
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Sololearn is a good introduction,but you need to use other sources and practice if you want to be good
27th Mar 2017, 7:02 PM
stance changer
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Also, you can try to solve ProjectEuler's problems
3rd Mar 2017, 8:29 PM
Amaras A
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I am not an expert, but downloading diffrent apps, visiting different programming classes sites and different refferences for each topic helps me a lot.. I'm not saying this is the answer to your question, but this works for me, hope you find what best works for you :)
17th Mar 2017, 9:26 AM
Lyka Ann Tulfo
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try hard and buy books
17th Mar 2017, 5:59 PM
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