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Тему с alt="" не понял

25th Feb 2017, 8:33 PM
Владимир Эмирян
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3 Answers
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Also, it has an immense importance in optimizing images for search engines. Make sure your images are tagged adequately! :)
25th Feb 2017, 9:16 PM
Kuba Siekierzyński
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not quite sure what is going on bc its in russian.... but, the alt attribute is used in case the image fails to load, it will put this text in its place. so if your image is of a dog you would put alt="Dog Plays With Ball" a short description of what the image is. if the image does load then this text does not. hope this helps
25th Feb 2017, 8:57 PM
Michael Szczepanski
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когда картинка не доступна, вместо него показывается текст с "alt"
25th Feb 2017, 9:04 PM
Norayr Gasparyan
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