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Why do we still have to use CSS flex box{1-dimemsional} when CSS Grid{2-dimensional} is actually better.


21st May 2020, 5:05 PM
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2 Answers
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There isn't one better than another... they both solves different layout problems. Anyway, flex is supported for quite more times than grid by browsers / devices, so if wide support is a concern, using the former rather than the later is a good idea... and even using none of them and rely only on old layout technics (such as 'display:table') could be advised ^^ (there's still some mobile devices wich does no more receive update and doesn't support any of those modern technics ;P)
21st May 2020, 10:50 PM
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It is merely your choice which one you're comfortable with. I use both of them together :))
21st May 2020, 5:36 PM
Arb Rahim Badsa
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