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Should I need to learn ECMA script6 while learning java script?

Is it necessary

12th May 2020, 1:04 AM
Abhishek - avatar
4 Answers
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I tend to think many beginners might get confused by ECMAScript (ES) as a specification and Javascript (JS) as an implementation of this specification. It doesn't help that the versions of JS are labeled using ES as the prefix. It's even more confusing to learn that ES6 is actually ES2015. ES5 was the 5th edition released in 2009. Six years later, the 6th and largest set of changes were released with a new name format to reflect the year of the specification: ES2015. However, many people expected the next version would be named ES6, it has become the unofficial reference to ES2015. ES has increased the frequency of new, smaller releases to occur once each year. ES 5th Ed. released in 2009. ---- ES 6th Ed. released in 2015. ES 7th Ed. released in 2016. ES 8th Ed. released in 2017. ES 9th Ed. released in 2018. ES 10th Ed. released in 2019. If it was me, I wouldn't limit myself in learning features based on when they were released. The key is that you do learn all the features and not just some of them.
12th May 2020, 3:45 AM
David Carroll
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I would learn ECMAs6 first then learn JavaScript Abhishek
12th May 2020, 1:18 AM
BroFar - avatar
ES5=2018 or 2019 ES6=2015 ES7=2016 ES8=2017 ES9=2018 ES10=2019 ES11=2020 ES12=2021 ES13 Not Published Yes Sure In fact, there is also Ecma Script in learning JavaScript It is better to update Android System WebView So that you can use the latest version of JavaScript
2nd Jul 2022, 8:00 PM
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