Weld Inspection: What do I need to learn to build a tracking system?

I want to build a tracking system for welds with a database system that can tell me percentages of Xray of welds per system, track how many welds each welder makes, the drawing numbers on each weld and compile roughly 20 columns of information about a weld into a system that can spit out a report on any or all information I have entered. I also want to build it user friendly where multiple users can enter and pull data as well as upload files/pdfs/images that are organized per job number or PO number, etc. Side note: the vast majority of users would be using iOS devices such as tablets or iphones, so I'd be leaning more towards those to work with. I have this all built into excel/google sheets right now, but I would rather have a nice UI app to run this instead.

23rd Feb 2020, 1:30 PM
Pete Webb
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if it is 100% ios users, i would suggest swift. for ios + android + webbrowsers rather react to have a single codebase. theoretically if all users are on the same wifi you could just put together a simple webapp that collects the data in a form and sends it via php to a database - with proper responsive design this would work on browsers and mobile devices and does not require you to learn anything new (assuming you have the web skills already)
26th Feb 2020, 3:53 AM