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Rock Paper Scissors

"""Make a two-player Rock-Paper-Scissors game. (Hint: Ask for player plays (using input), compare them, print out a message of congratulations to the winner, and ask if the players want to start a new game) Remember the rules: Rock beats scissors Scissors beats paper Paper beats rock""" import sys print ("Rock, Paper, Scissors?") r = "rock" p = "paper" s = "scissors" while True: start = input("Want to play? (Y/N):") p1 = input(" ").lower() p2 = input(" ").lower() if p1 == r and p2 == r or p1 == s and p2 == s or p1 == p and p2 == p: print ("Draw") elif p1 == r and p2 == s or p1 == p and p2 == r or p1 == s and p2 == p: print ("Congrats P1") elif p2 == r and p1 == s or p2 == p and p1 == r or p2 == s and p1 == p: print ("Congrats P2") else: print ("PLEASE CHOOSE ONLY FROM ROCK, PAPER AND SCISSORS >:( ") if start == ("Y"): continue if start == ("N"): break So my code is above but the error keeps coming out like this Rock, Paper, Scissors? Want to play? (Y/N): Congrats P1 Want to play? (Y/N): Traceback (most recent call last): File "./Playground/file0.py", line 15, in <module> start = input("Want to play? (Y/N):") EOFError: EOF when reading a line Please help

31st Jan 2020, 5:19 PM
Toh De Kai
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Try it on your PC or on any interactive console, it should work. The traceback seems to be as a result of the infinite while loop
31st Jan 2020, 5:21 PM
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