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ReactJs vs React Native

Is it necessary that we learn reactJS first before going into react native or we can learn react native first.

27th Jan 2020, 6:47 AM
BlackRose Mike
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2 Answers
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If you have paid for a good video tutorial at Udemy or Pluralsight, no, you can start learning ReactNative without React.js Relationship between ReactNative and React.js: React Native is like React, but it uses native components instead of web components as building blocks. So to understand the basic structure of a React Native app, you need to understand some of the basic React concepts, like JSX, components, state, and props. If you already know React, you still need to learn some React-Native-specific stuff, like the native components. This tutorial is aimed at all audiences, whether you have React experience or not. Please note that you should use meaningful question title when using Q&A :
27th Jan 2020, 7:10 AM
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"React Native runs on React, a popular open source library for building user interfaces with JavaScript. To make the most of React Native, it helps to understand React itself." The link above is basic enough to help you learn React Native but mastering Reactjs would help you much better.
25th Apr 2022, 6:53 AM