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How people here on SoloLearn got so many exp?

I have completed almost all courses and code coach problem which are free! But have not got such exp. Can anyone explain to me?

10th Jan 2020, 4:57 AM
Iraz Irfan
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11 Answers
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Your aim not Xp just learn and get knowledge from here
10th Jan 2020, 5:38 AM
Mohamed Sahal
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There are many ways to earn xp in SL https://code.sololearn.com/WouWz5g1A4ed/?ref=app
10th Jan 2020, 9:44 AM
Jaydeep Khatri
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1. Open your profile page in the application. 2. Touch the top right of the three dots ("Menu" button). 3. Select "Leaderboard". 4. Select the "Global" tab. 5. Select "All time" from the drop-down list instead of "Today". 6. Touch the profile of each user from the TOP-10, tap on his page at the top right of the three dots, and select "Message". Paste in the message: "Greetings! I asked a question in the community about a large number of XP, here is the link: https:/в/www.sololearn.com/Discuss/2129201/?ref=app Write an answer, please. Many will be interested". Why not? We learn everything directly from the “champions" themselves. Unless, of course, they are not sick with star fever, and agree to participate in our discussion :)
12th Jan 2020, 2:13 AM
Computer Engineer
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Those with so much exp, play challenges (1 vs 1 quiz questions) day and night :)
10th Jan 2020, 5:11 AM
Tibor Santa
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Don't focus on xp bro... Just learn languages and grow your knowledge instead of xp.
11th Jan 2020, 6:12 PM
Shaikh Nabeel
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Regular involvement
10th Jan 2020, 5:51 PM
Tarun Kra
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If you solve 50 code changes, you get a bonus of 5000 xps.
11th Jan 2020, 5:57 AM
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You can challenge me if you want to
10th Jan 2020, 5:43 PM
Cyber Ninja
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As many people said, learning is what matter the most. But we should also search xps. Those People learn a lot by focusing on collecting xps. So I'm also here to learn how.
11th Jan 2020, 9:19 PM
Charif - avatar
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Challenges and Code Coach problem solving!
10th Jan 2020, 6:18 AM
Fernando Pozzetti
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If you code you can earn xps, i guess
10th Jan 2020, 5:43 PM
Cyber Ninja
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