Need help making code script for email auto response device

I need help trying to make an email auto responder for my moms business. Here's the story. Mom gets leads from a website to her email inbox. She needs my help responding to her leads. Mom runs a food business. If the email has the appropriate information like it wants mexican food, I'm allowed to use a template to respond. I need help making a script that pulls information from the emails and helps me qualify. When it's qualified, I need the script to help me take the information from the email and insert it into my template. It would also be very helpful if the script could open up the link that comes in the email to respond to customers and then paste the inserted/modified information and 'click' submit. 1: Recieve email and info a. email has food type and contact name and date and time 2: Qualify a. needs to say mexican food 3: answer and respond with template a. open link in email and paste template with information from original email

2nd Jan 2020, 10:35 PM
Luis-Fernando Hernandez
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It is called automation and it can't be done with Javascript. Try selenium with python
2nd Jan 2020, 11:09 PM
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Luis-Fernando Hernandez Just as Mirielle🐶 said. It is called automation. Replicating human activity on a webpage. There is a module called Selenium for automation. It can also be used in Java. I prefer to use it in python. I am working on a project with automation actually. You can ask me more questions @inbox. If you need to extract data from the email. If you are reading the mail on a browser you can do "ctrl+u" To see the source code. or 'ctrl+shift+i ' for dev options then locate the item that containsthe content u are intrested in then write a program in python to check if 'Mexican food' is in the email There is a module called BeautifulSoup4 used for webscraping. You can also use the html.parser module but is complex. Cheers
2nd Jan 2020, 11:18 PM
Dace [Super Inactive| Challenge=Maybe]
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ok thanks, do you have any more info in how i could get this done?
2nd Jan 2020, 11:14 PM
Luis-Fernando Hernandez
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