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How to deal with frustration?

I recognize my past when i dealing with programming-software like a hacking-tool,weird-stuff,too-tough,can't-do-it,so... then i feel i can do it by keep calm and learn... Those days are worst days i feel today..becoz even single code of line got me so much of stress, lack-of-sleep,breaking-of-software-tools(By frastration),soo.... i literally get frustrated with the syntax of c programming and end of semi-colon and so.... even though it was my first attempt...later thinking and searching in Google empowers me like a cup of boost to my brain-cell... #Last-but-not-least => there is no one outside the world(not teachers or instructors) help u in programming language until u Stand-Up and self-motivated... #never-ever-lose-hope..... #believe-in-yourself... #practice-makes-man-perfect... ⭐Ultimate-Motto: so every first-step is didn't make success...even if we fail we lose generally... But, pushing the limits of imagination we failure leads to success automatically by Patience, hard-work and so...

31st Dec 2019, 7:22 PM
Vinay Govardhanam
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Neo👑 Honestly... I struggled following what appears to be a stream of consciousness flowing from incoherent ramblings about frustrations to random #hash-tags containing inspirational clichés. I can't tell if you are still struggling or trying to give advice to people who might be struggling. My advice is to organize your thoughts and make them clear and succinct. Otherwise, you are going to struggle with effective communication skills. In case you are still struggling with writing code, I just came across this article that might be helpful for you and others.
1st Jan 2020, 6:53 AM
David Carroll
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If you are feeling a little stuck in a technology or problem, try coding with a friend or you could teach your mate/girlfriend/boyfriend how to code, listen to some of your favourite music, watch a movie related to IT or have a beer, learn your way!
2nd Jan 2020, 9:39 AM
Chris - avatar
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you need a friend. sololearn is friendly but not a REAL friend. sololearn is a tool....a wonderful tool. My experience is to find someone who needs a friend and be a friend to them in learning. friendship is the secret sauce of learning.
31st Dec 2019, 10:09 PM
Lisa F
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My-point-of-view is cleared when i choose programming language to be my dream project..... #Be successful with the dreams... #try to accomplish the values in dream... #Be like a legend and live like a legend....
31st Dec 2019, 7:24 PM
Vinay Govardhanam
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To be honest I'm frustrated too because I don't have the motivation anymore to code. So just take a break. One day break, maybe one week break, even longer. It helped me so much. When I came back coding I was so fresh that things came from themselves. And was so easy and fun to learn. So as I've said, take a break. As long as you consider. Find a new hobby. Just take a break until that shine and motivation come back. edit: You will achieve your dreams. Just don't forget to exercise.
31st Dec 2019, 7:28 PM
molang - avatar
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Try to make small goal and then complete them.... That's so simple.
2nd Jan 2020, 6:59 PM
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Not sure why you compared learning programming with those weird stuff (you said weird yourself) whatever tools. But just in case you didn't know, everything is always frustratingly difficult in the beginning. If you probably have very good long term memory, try ask yourself how it felt like the first time you learn how to walk, or even further back - how to crawl. I bet you won't be getting a pleasant answer. There are sequence of phases we all go through while learning, whatever it is we learn. You have two choices; take the easy way - give up and be free off it all. Or take the hard way which will eventually pass one way or another. Also it's always easier to pointing finger, though at times, what we accuse to be the cause isn't the real cause. Look deeper because it is not impossible we may have other issue that is blocking our potential from its utmost. And BTW if you can't stand C like syntaxes, you always have the option for other languages which doesn't need semicolon or all that jazz.
1st Jan 2020, 1:43 AM
Things that help me when I struggle. I try not to be anxious. I tell myself it's only a matter of time until I get it. So I slow down and try to relax. I Push ahead by researching the problem and allow my brain to absorb the new thoughts little by little, and fit them into context. and before too long I'm telling myself " You got this ".
2nd Jan 2020, 3:49 PM
We all face struggles, it just depends on how we get to handle and cope with it.It's nice that you get to consider this as one of your passion, but you also have to take note of the sacrifices --like confusions and frustrations that you'll get along the way. lol not everything is instant but if you are dedicated to it, it'll be worthy in the end. Anyways, to get off your frustration, this section may help you solve your real errors in your codes. However, if you have a problem with your patience in handling small errors, i think you have to reconsider for we are all expecting to meet those frequently.
2nd Jan 2020, 7:30 PM
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