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What programming language should I learn?

What programming language(s) should i learn, if I want to create cryptocurrencies and work with blockchain technologies? Ps. I'm very new to programming, so this might be a noob question

29th Dec 2019, 4:02 PM
Hugo Moeller Nielsen
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Start with Python and master it as it is the most powerful and famous language. You will get 3 unique benefits from Python! They are = 1) It is so easy and user-friendly and rich in different powerful libraries that even a child can operate with that!! Actually, Python was used to teach kids programming in School but later, Python evolved into a real and powerful language! 2) Python developers get highly paid in all kinds software firms and companies! 3) There is a thing that a lots of people don't know about Python which is that Python is a very popularly used language for ethical hacking too! Now, if you really wanna see some Python codes, check out my codes as all of my codes are written in Python and I bet that you are literally gonna love them!😄😄
31st Dec 2019, 4:25 AM
Shayokh Shuvro
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