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Should I learn python to explore in machine learning and artificial intelligence?

Currently I am a java developer and i would like to learn machine learning and artificial intelligence. But not able to find sufficient helps in java. Should i need to learn python?

17th Nov 2019, 3:53 PM
Naveen Gunasekaran
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2 Answers
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The problem which faces Machine Learning or specifically to start jumping into the Data Science domain is that one doesn't know where to start from and what to read? In compare to another language, Python is a very easy language and if you have basic knowledge about coding then you can easily learn python. If that will not possible then here I suggest that you should start reading about the python basics and don't give more than three days to it if you don't understand. After that study the Python packages like Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib and I think by the time you 'll finish up you will be ready to look into Machine Learning. On the other hand, Machine Learning is concerned this requires a lot of effort and I would recommend before going into that you should be clear in Statistics also basic Stats. After that you can start to learn basic ML algorithms like Regression, CART, etc. and can slowly move towards the advanced algorithms. So if you ll follow the order then it will be very easy for you to learn it. Otherwise, you have to concern experts who suggest your right course., so that they can guide you concerning what needs to be started and followed. Know more about python training:
25th Nov 2019, 9:47 AM
ananya gupta
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Python is the BEST pick for you on this one. ALL it's frameworks and robust extensivity will help you a great deal. Go for it ASAP And opinions oriented questions tend to go off topic in sololearn so jus remember to stick by these:
17th Nov 2019, 3:56 PM
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