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What's big O notation?

Simplified version of algorithm? How do we use it in programming? What're its benefits?

11th Nov 2019, 4:52 AM
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A notation used to denote the complexity of an algorithm. The O usually stands for "order of".
12th Nov 2019, 12:46 PM
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Big O notation is used in Computer Science to describe the performance or complexity of an algorithm. Big O specifically describes the worst-case scenario, and can be used to describe the execution time required or the space used (e.g. in memory or on disk) by an algorithm. This link helped me when i learnt it https://rob-bell.net/2009/06/a-beginners-guide-to-big-o-notation/ Good luck ❤😁
11th Nov 2019, 4:58 AM
Baraa AB
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Thank you guys ❤️
11th Nov 2019, 4:01 PM
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