Hello I have a question. I have a youtube bone here. I want to try to get it but it does not work really. I want to understand everything, especially what os.system ( "TASK KILL / F / IM" + + broswer ".exe") does. Besides, if I code PyCharm run I go directly to the url? Can anyone help me? This is the code: import os import browser import time url = input ( "What is URL you?") refresh = raw_input ( "Get a view every x seconds") broswer = raw_input ( "What is your web broswer?") count = raw_input ( "How many views would you like?") def start (): for i in range (0, int (count)): openURL () print "Site viewed" final openURL (): os.system ( "TASK KILL / F / IM" + + broswer ".exe") webbrowser.open (url) time.sleep (int (refresh)) start ()

3rd Feb 2017, 2:50 PM
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I guess in openURL(), at the end of its first line, the second "+" should be between "browser" and "".exe""
6th Feb 2017, 1:46 AM
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