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For, Enhanced for.

Hello everyone! I would like to say, this is a very nice community and very usefull app for people who loves programming. I am about starting computer science university so i tghought to make some base here. I started to learn some programming languages. I am studying Java right now. Since i am a beginner i would like to ask. What's the difference between for and for each loop. I don't mean the syntax but utilization. When should i use simple for and when for each loop. All i've undersood up ti now is that for each Is used with arrays. Thank you! Have a nice day all!

12th Sep 2019, 5:55 AM
1 Answer
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the standard for has a begin value a resume condition then a statement that should be affect to resume condition or count something and it can be another thing enhanced for loop used to traversing a collection like arrays , linked list and toe most Useful for it in hashMap where you can't traverse a map using normal loop summary normal for to repeat a statements many times like any other loop enhanced for (foreach) to traverse a collection object or an array
12th Sep 2019, 6:07 AM
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