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Why is Python more preferred for artificial intelligence over other popular programming languages?

For example Java and C++ were two of the most popular programming languages for decades and still hold a good place in the programming world. What does make Python suit better for AI?

28th Aug 2019, 3:24 AM
Tashila Pathum
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11 Answers
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Good question Tashila Pathum. Sonic is right: Python has a lot of high performance libraries, which take care of low level programming for you. You don't have to code routine stuff scratch. Just pick libraries you need for your project and you're good to go. On top of that, Python's simplified syntax lets you code faster and think more about your algorithms not punctuation. Do the Math not Grammar!
28th Aug 2019, 8:10 AM
🇺🇦 Vitya 🇺🇦
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Python was designed for rapid prototyping. The reason why Python libraries work so well is because they have C/C++ under the hood.
28th Aug 2019, 7:45 AM
Sonic - avatar
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To help others understand what AI is, let me define its objective. Artificial Intelligence is being widely used for processing and analyzing huge volumes of data, AI helps to handle the work that cannot be done manually anymore because of its significantly increased volumes and intensity. AI is applied in analytics to build predictions that can help people create strong strategies and look for more effective solutions. Secondly, How is Python the better answer for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)in the usage than its counter languages? +A Great Library Ecosystem +A Low Entry Barrier +Flexibility +Platform Independence +Readbility +Good Vison Options +Community Support +Increased Popularity Examples Of Python Usages: Travel Transportation, Healthcare, Fintech Python for Machine Learning(ML) +Open Source Projects Example: OpenCog Foundation, Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Zulip, Magenta, Mailpile
28th Aug 2019, 3:36 PM
Gwendolyn Phillips de Ashborough
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Fuzzy Squid The last part is actually untrue, though. Popular Python modules and frameworks used for AI were actually written using C++ (and CUDA) for performance. C++ is used *heavily* in that particular field, and Python mainly serves as an abstraction which allows end users to call these optimized constructs which were written in C++. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35677724/tensorflow-why-was-python-the-chosen-language
28th Aug 2019, 3:53 AM
Hatsy Rei
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Python is easy to understand. There are tons of libraries available which will help you to write programs easily.
28th Aug 2019, 4:26 AM
Shreyas Kshirsagar
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Python has a lot of libraries you can utilise that carry a lot of the weight for you. like tensorflow and pytorch to name a couple. Also data analysis packages like matolotlib and popular math packages like numpy and scipy. Woth these you can build a basic ML program out if the box fairly easily in an afternoon.
28th Aug 2019, 4:33 AM
Bruce Pouncey
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Most of the python modules written in c++ so it is wrong to say other popular programming languages are used little bit ...python is used because of it simple syntax....if we look in background we are using other languages through python.python provide us an easy method to use these languages that's why python is most used in AI.
28th Aug 2019, 7:29 PM
Muhammad Mehran Bin Azam
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Simplicity. Period!
29th Aug 2019, 9:39 PM
Hilary - avatar
fuzzy, c++ according to many ai deep learning specialists is actually preferred due to its insanely fast compilation time.
29th Aug 2019, 7:48 PM
Deud1eSkrub - avatar
the source code is here is shorter as compare to other languages like c and c++. it is easily understood by user or as well as programmer. it is easy to learn
31st Aug 2019, 3:50 AM
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Because it is the fruture guys.
30th Aug 2019, 2:46 AM
Nihitha Datla