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Java is necessary for machinelearning or python?

What is the path for machine learning and what are the careers more related to machinelearning?

27th Aug 2019, 9:33 PM
Eslam Heussein
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5 Answers
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Neither is necessary. Both are sufficient.
27th Aug 2019, 9:55 PM
Sonic - avatar
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python is prefered for ML
27th Aug 2019, 10:48 PM
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Java is mostly recommended for Machine Learning
27th Aug 2019, 11:44 PM
Geek Lord
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python would be best as there is a lot of usefull libraries that carry a lot of the work. tensorflow, pytorch, matplotlib are a few to name. If you have extensive knowledge in atleast one and have produced solid ML projects you should be able to apply for a data science position.
28th Aug 2019, 3:52 AM
Bruce Pouncey
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From what I have heard, they are both compatible, but Python has a simpler syntax and format...then again...i havent learned about either one, but that is what i have been told
28th Aug 2019, 4:47 AM
Andrew Johnson
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