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I’m new here.... I really want to learn the world about coding but don’t know where to start.... any tips on how to navigate this app??

16th Aug 2019, 4:07 AM
Mikaela Siler
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3 Answers
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If you are a new and don't know how to write a simple code then I suggest starting with html course then css then you can try and make a decision what you want to learn .. do you want to create apps or games so you will learn language like java, c or python programming languages .. do you want to learn how to create a websites so you will learn languages like php and javascript etc ☺
16th Aug 2019, 7:16 AM
Safaa Alnabhan
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Hi, welcome to SoloLearn! The app has 5 tabs: • Learn: Here you'll find all the courses. • Play: Here you can challenge people to earn xp. • Activity: Here you can see the most recent events among those who you are following. • Code: Here you can view codes by other people. • Q&A: Here you can ask programming related questions ( Make sure to read the Guidelines before posting, though, top of hot today btw) At the top, there will be a profile icon. Here you can view and edit your profile, make codes in the Code Playground, manage your skills and post anything on your mind. Next to the profile icon, there's a bell. This is where you can see your notifications and messages. To message somebody, you have to follow them and click message, and wait for them to accept. The three dots will lead you to the settings, etc. Where you can change the theme, langauge etc. Feel free to explore the app as much as you want. I hope you will have fun and learn something new on SoloLearn! Best of luck! 😁
16th Aug 2019, 4:26 AM
Paul Grasser
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Additionally to what Paul Grasser pointed out, you can check the FAQ page, some most frequently questions has their answer there too: Welcome and enjoy your journey 👍
16th Aug 2019, 7:11 AM