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How does solo learn help one to launch a website after coding it???


15th Jul 2019, 7:01 PM
Inno Criss
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5 Answers
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Sololearn teach you the front-end and back end languages like html,CSS,Javascript,php,python which are important to learn for making an website and do complex things which you cant do with wordpress tools if you know them better you can start making website and can understand properly and for website you have to try on your self to do the things like buying domain , Buying hosting , connect domain and hosting , how to apply adsense for earning these things you have to learn on your own
17th Jul 2019, 8:36 AM
Sayyam Jain
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SL does not teach this directly. Community members with experience can give you ideas.
15th Jul 2019, 11:25 PM
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This is other thing... u need a online server. U can pay for this service, like godaddy.com
15th Jul 2019, 10:38 PM
Mauricio De Martino
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If it's just for hosting without a domain use a cheap vps that's cheaper than godaddy etc. And you learn a little bit about server setup
16th Jul 2019, 12:03 AM
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17th Jul 2019, 10:41 AM