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[SOLVED]Why this code has no output?

Bennett Post ,HonFu ,~ swim ~ please help 🙏 I was trying to perform reciprocal letter program . But b4 going for a big program I tried to just copy one string to another... Actually I don't have to just copy it.. but it's a little part of overall program .... I have to input an entire line of input so I'm using getline(); function here I don't want to use cin ⚠️Problem is that after copying string when I tried to print it as output it says no output. Please help me to fix it .and also tell me what is wrong with this program so next time I can avoid mistakes Thank you! Edit 3rd june 2019: < Code deleted accidentially>

27th May 2019, 7:56 AM
🇮🇳Omkar🕉 - avatar
1 Answer
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~ swim ~ First of all thank a lot 😊 It works now ...I understand what was problem And I can use NULL also instead of '\0' but the comparison should be like: line[i]!=NULL /*not 'NULL' the ' ' inverted commas shouldn't be used */ Thanks again... It means a lot to me 😊
27th May 2019, 9:58 AM
🇮🇳Omkar🕉 - avatar