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Sneaker Bot

Does anyone know how to make a sneaker bot for when sneakers drop on release days? It's the only way to get them nowadays & would be good for educational purposes! Please let me know🙏

23rd May 2019, 5:50 PM
Tristan Smith
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2 Answers
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www.Google.com ^Google your question. There are a lot of results to your question. https://www.aiobot.com/product/aio-bot/ ^That's the first one on the list. I don't see any that are free for obvious reasoning though, but I imagine if you got that kinda money for shoes, that's probably not a lot to pay in order to get what you're wanting. https://www.aiobot.com/top-sneaker-bot-2019/ https://www.nikeshoebot.com/ https://easycopbots.com/ I can't afford the sneakerhead lifestyle, so I can't tell you which bots are better or worse than the next. I'd do some more research on it before you buy any bots, but considering how much people are willing to pay just for shoes, I doubt you'll find a free bot. Either way, best of luck to you! Hope it works out.
23rd May 2019, 6:14 PM
^^ Yeah but they only have 5,000 pairs that release on days and people have automated bots that spam the buy button
23rd May 2019, 5:57 PM
Tristan Smith
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