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What do hackers use for hacking??

i think it depends on the language.

20th Jan 2017, 9:48 AM
Aeron Lamayo
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Mostly linux, because you have better build in tools for hacking and you feel more in control over your machine and know precisely what you are doing. For example Kali Linux is the best choice for pentesting. As for the language you can use the one you learned, but most people use Python
20th Jan 2017, 11:05 AM
Wiola - avatar
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It depend on what you are hacking. most noobs use hacking tools as in kali which is penetrating test OS and is most trusted and popular. they are good but doesn't always work. Real hacking is by reverse engineering. Hacking process is a specific case of reverse engineering, to hack something you learn how to build it first because when you build it obstacles and bugs or exploits will emerge in the structure that helps you to know flaws in structure to attack them. So to hack an android system you need to learn how to build an android app at least, learn Java and Bash scripting because android is a Linux kernel based. To hack a website you need to learn how to build one, so you need to learn javascript and html, website run in server, server has a SQL Database that communicate with the website through PHP script. so you need to learn SQL and PHP. Also learning how to build a website will start when you know how to manage XAMPP and ASP.NET and eventually to manage those you need to know basic internet protocols and networking concepts like ip adress, subnets, tcp/ip, lan, wan http, ftp, telnet, rdp, ssh, ssl Firewall, network ports, routing and switching conepts, acess points, gateways, etc. DNS, DHCP, NAT. Also Python to know more how DNS work or how to build one. all above used by admin of website control its website remotely and enabling world to access his website. To hack windows you need to learn the language built with so you need to learn C/C++ and same basic concepts of internet protocols and networking with great knowledge of MS-DOS. Penetration testing mostly done with Unix-like operating systems (Linux) like Kali or backtrack loaded with hacking tools so the DOS command or shell script in Linux is called bash like the DOS command of windows you should learn some bash to make scripts and know how to use tools if bash is needed.
23rd Jan 2017, 4:40 PM
Mohamed Abdelkawy
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You can use almost any OS for hacking, even windows powershell and cmd.exe can be powerfull tools for hacking but popular choices are Linux PenTest Distros like Back Track 5 or Kali Linux as they come pre-loaded with heaps of tools for various penetration testing tasks. Having said that...if you are going to get involved in pentesting put some effort into researching how these tools do what they do and not just abuse them to try impress your friends. So If you are going to go down the road of Linux OS I would suggest learning Python. Good Luck!
20th Jan 2017, 10:51 AM
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20th Jan 2017, 9:56 AM
Tenny Brown
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20th Jan 2017, 9:57 AM
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