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getting confused every day... I need your advice, please!

my dream is to be a programmer, but for some reasons, I'm a really busy person. so I started to learn programming by my self, and as I know more, I feel that I'm losing my way. first of all, non-official learning missing a lot of importent information. also, I find It really hard to force my self to learn when i don't have a clear ending point, learning plan or real tests. i don't know which languages to learn first, how to practice my knowledge in real projects and what actually I'm trying to do. I will really appreciate your pro opinins and advices guys, tnx.

21st Apr 2019, 7:36 PM
‎‫Shlomo Strauss
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2 Answers
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Many programmers would recommend to start with the Python programming language. Just coding is often the best way to practice. After you have learned a topic you might make a program where you combine what you have learnt.
21st Apr 2019, 8:17 PM
Seb TheS
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I would start with learning web development. With that you're able to build nice looking websites and you can see your progress. You can do the HTML, CSS and JavaScript Couses on SoloLearn. I did them and I'm now working on the Curriculum. It starts at the beginning and introduces you to the many concepts od Web development. After that you can try Python, it's an easy to learn language and it's really popular. Good luck for becoming a programmer!
21st Apr 2019, 8:18 PM
Bela Brockmann
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