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Are you a visual designer/artist?

I have my BA in Studio Arts but have to keep a day job. I had the bright idea to learn to code so I might find a day job that involves transient skills that I could use in the visual arts as well as to practice for future careers. Is anyone else here a graphic designer or artist learning for the same or other reasons? Do you have advice for others? How has it helped? This is my first Q&A so I'm winging it with my tags, let me know if there are more relevant tags for future ref ;)

16th Jan 2017, 6:50 PM
Jacob - avatar
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I'm the opossite of you, Im a Software Development student, which is interesed in graphic design ( I've done a course at university ) but I felt that It wasn't for me, I like much more to code. They both complemment really well, you can make your owns web alone, and even good looking apps, so I encourague you to keep going!
16th Jan 2017, 7:11 PM
Nahuel - avatar