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Can i learn python in solo learn properly?

In sololeran,is the python presents properly?can i learn it from here?

22nd Mar 2019, 12:56 AM
farhana yeasmin
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26 Answers
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Yep!!!!! Don't put questions on that!!!!! Sololearn course is very interactive and exercising. And I can tell you if you learn it very well(by 'very well', I mean by coding and practicing each and every concept) then trust me your basics of python will become very strong and you can easily jump on to the next level of python which includes data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, software development, penetration, testing, ethical hacking, etc...........
22nd Mar 2019, 4:48 AM
Ayush Sinha
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Sure, you cam learn a lot of from course and challenges.
22nd Mar 2019, 1:03 AM
Hubert Dudek
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Hubert Dudek thank u
22nd Mar 2019, 1:03 AM
farhana yeasmin
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Yes you can learn it here. What do you mean by properly? Do you mean factually without giving you false information? Then yes.
22nd Mar 2019, 3:50 AM
Sonic - avatar
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Thank u guys😊
22nd Mar 2019, 4:56 AM
farhana yeasmin
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Honestly you can learn a lot here but you have to spend a lot of time to learn how to code well, I mean by learning syntaxes it's not possible to code well enough:-)
22nd Mar 2019, 1:45 PM
Nika Soltani Tehrani
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Yes , you can learn from this app easily.
22nd Mar 2019, 8:26 AM
🇮🇳Harsh Raj 🇮🇳
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What do you mean by "properly" ? If you mean if you will be able to learn how to code with python from just using Sololearn, then the answer is yes. At least, I think you will, more so than all the other ones that I've tried. Sololearn gives you a python terminal for you to put what you just learned into practice, which REALLY helps you understand what it is you just learned. You can learn from just reading, I guess. But I think the only way for you to learn coding is for you to mess up, figure out how you messed up, then attempt to fix your mess. ... And if you can't figure it out on your own.. the other thing Sololearn has is the community for you to ask for help, sort of like your own TA. But, can you learn everything about python with JUST sololearn? No! Sololearn has a Python Terminal for you to mess around with, but it's more like an emulator than an actual console. You're going to need an actual Python console on your computer or your Android phone to play around with. There are things that just won't work in Sololearn's Python (at all, or with out a little tweaking), that will work normally in a real console. If you have an Android device, I would HIGHLY suggest you install Termux ( It is a Linux Terminal Emulator. You can install python in the terminal and use it when you don't have access to your own computer. I use it all the time for the python coding on the go. Hope that helps.. Cheers, good luck, and have fun making mistakes !
23rd Mar 2019, 4:04 AM
D. Booey 📜
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From sololearn, you can learn only concepts. If you want to professional in Python then you join us any online course or tutorial.
22nd Apr 2019, 6:34 AM
Er. Mohd. Shadab
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Yep for basics
22nd Mar 2019, 3:32 PM
Anshumaan Mishra
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Yes you can learn it from there but note sololearn only present foundation of python3 and you need to learn python2 so it be much better if you not only study here at solo only I support you take couses on cousera and udacity
23rd Mar 2019, 5:11 AM
George S Mulbah II
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Try other online learning websites too. Keep sololearn for pocket study.
23rd Mar 2019, 9:59 PM
Vishal Sharma
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It only gives basic syntax knowledge which has nothing to do with actually learning the language and using it, without implementation learning is a waste of time only. To know the full potentials of what you can do with Python, ping me
24th Mar 2019, 3:52 AM
Rahul Sharma
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Yes you can learn Python from Sololearn but i personally don't think we should fully depend on sololearn as python is a legacy programming language . It is true that Python is easy to learn as it is a user friendly language but we should have the best of best knowlwdge and skills inorder to achieve something big in wife with the skills of Python.For getting good knowledge and skills i think the best way is by pursuing a Classroom Course .We can polish the skills of Python Through online sites like sololesrn but should not fully relay on it. We should know that like us there are millions more people who are learning the same thing.
22nd Mar 2019, 6:47 AM
rajshivakoti - avatar
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Try an idea like make a random name picker, or random fOrTnItE set. slowly research and build it up. any problems google
22nd Mar 2019, 7:52 PM
FlameBlaze1 - avatar
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Learn from sololearn and also do some reading in some books of python. If there is some doubts post a question here or ask google.
22nd Mar 2019, 10:14 PM
subham - avatar
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23rd Mar 2019, 1:28 PM
dung dung
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since last 1.5 yrs i am learning and using sololearn. and i would just say it is the best place i found for python.
23rd Mar 2019, 7:36 PM
Abhishek Mishra
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No, you can't
24th Mar 2019, 3:50 AM
Rahul Sharma
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I already started learing python on my computer but im pretty sure this would help me even more to practice what i already know and learn what I don’t
30th Mar 2019, 7:34 PM