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Not deterministic languages

We are all agree that every pc are deterministic. My question is: is there a programming language that provides a not deterministic construct? For example, concurrent programming, or something like this. Is there the possibility the emulate the not deterministic computation with a deterministic machine?

6th Mar 2019, 8:44 PM
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OMG I just realized that "whenever" is the language of the program that is running in my brain.
7th Mar 2019, 12:09 PM
Sonic - avatar
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I remember this one : "whenever", didn't try it but liked the idea, seems very funny:
6th Mar 2019, 11:43 PM
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7th Mar 2019, 2:17 AM
Denise Roßberg
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Javascript is non-deterministic. "There are a few obvious reasons, such as the random number generator and the ability to get the current time. Less obvious are areas of JavaScript that were underspecified in order to allow for improved performance." Your last question is way too theoretical for me (my guess is the answer is no), so I'll leave that to someone else. 😁
8th Mar 2019, 5:37 AM
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First of all, what do you mean by "deterministic " ?
6th Mar 2019, 8:49 PM
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Determinist is a particular finite state automata (DFA) which, given a particular input, will always produce the same output. In particular given a state of DFA and a input I can move in one and only one other state.
6th Mar 2019, 8:55 PM
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