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Which programming language is good for creating a program that runs fast e.g (creating a game with java or python. ?

24th Feb 2019, 8:36 PM
Sihle B Mthembu
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A programming language has its advantages, disadvantages and different uses but above all it depends on the ability of programmer and The big mistake of a lot, and I include myself, suddenly you learn one and another and another and another but you do not specialize. It's like what they say about martial arts and the usual question, which one is better ??? There are thousands of answers too, there are those who say that Karate, Kung-Fu, JiuJitsu, KravMaga. Bruce Lee said he is not afraid of a guy who knows hundreds of kicks, I'm afraid of the guy who practices a kick hundreds of times. In conclusion, learn a programming language and use it hundreds of times, become the best.
24th Feb 2019, 9:59 PM
Martin Cervantes
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I think C++ is the best for making games because of its abilities. but between Python and Java, I prefer Python. because Java and its garbage collector, prevent making a good game. Python is good for scripting your game. maybe Python is better. but also there is 3D engines for Java. but because of JVM, your game will use a lot of memory.
25th Feb 2019, 4:58 AM
Hadi Najafi
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