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How can I move an app to an app store? After coding n everything

I'm enjoying my SoloLearn experience so much. I've downloaded other apps to learn more. not to be way ahead of myself but what would be the best program to launch an App to the public market and final user?

13th Jan 2017, 1:50 AM
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Getting an app to the app store can be a long process. Assuming you already have an app. First you will need the Software Development Kit (SDK) from whichever app store to which you want to publish(Google Play, Apple App Store). These kits usually contain the add-ons, compilers, etc. that a developer needs to prepare their app for that specific platform. Then you will probably need to do lots of testing to make sure your app works well on various devices. After that you submit to the App store and they will decide whether to publish it or not. As hardware and software change you will need to update the app to ensure newer devices can use it. This doesn't cover everything but it's the basic process, hopefully this answers your question.
13th Jan 2017, 4:06 PM
Sean Kudebeh
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