Need your help&ideas for work

Hey, guys. My friend have a school site and he is using google calender to put schedule for students. He needs something that possibe as link html or whatever to add on his website that all students could see classes, tasks, changes and so. But Google Calender is little boring and not best design. Maybe someone can advice some great platform where can have and edit schedule + make it connect to school web site page. Or can some of you make some kind of page with possibility to put all schedule info+great design+have changes when need. This work will be Paid! I will be grateful for any advices! Thank you🎄

20th Dec 2018, 9:41 PM
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You should look into https://calendly.com/ . I recommended it to a client earlier this year. I hear it has improved since then, so maybe some of the limitations and UI awkwardness have/has been ironed out, but I haven't checked recently. The calendar coordination aspect is the selling point. Website integration available. Email links are immediately handy.
20th Dec 2018, 11:15 PM
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