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Hello sololearners

what is virtual reality technology and agumented reality. and hiw does this two works pls how can i explain to a lay man

12th Oct 2018, 5:12 AM
IBRAHIM SULE UDI 🇳🇬 - avatar
2 Answers
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Virtual Reality is very different from augmented reality. Virtual reality is like Oculus Rift or similar things that try to make virtual world as similar as possible as the normal world. Augmented reality is very different and is used like in pokemon go (you see pokemon in our world because they basically add things to the true world, in this case they add pokemon) and it's based on adding stuffs to the reality. So you have a live camera video and you add something. Augmented reality is usually used on mobile because computer may have no camera
12th Oct 2018, 5:23 AM
Daniele Bonomi
Daniele Bonomi - avatar
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12th Oct 2018, 5:51 AM
IBRAHIM SULE UDI 🇳🇬 - avatar