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Any body can explain each word below line

printf ("int:%d \n",sizeof(int));

19th Sep 2018, 4:00 AM
Majevadiya Meet
2 Answers
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- printf(): prints the expression within the parentheses to the screen - "int:%d \n": string to be printed, with -- %d being replaced with an integer and -- \n being a line break - sizeof(int): integer to be inserted into the string -- sizeof() returns how many bytes an object of the specified type needs -- sizeof(int) would usually be 4 (an integer needs 4 bytes) => the output should be "int:4" (without quotation marks, followed by a line break)
19th Sep 2018, 5:35 AM
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good question and thanks for the info 💗🙌
19th Sep 2018, 6:32 AM
NimWing Yuan
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