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.Net Interview Questions

Does anyone know any good .Net Framework questions that may be asked during an interview for a Software Development Job?

12th Aug 2018, 8:45 AM
Jordan - avatar
1 Answer
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1) what is a difference between delegates and events. add and remove accessors 2) what is a difference between abstract classes and interfaces 3) what is a disposing and finalization 4) what is a Garbage Collector. Generations of objects 5) Virtual and abstract methods 6) Global Assembly Cache 7) what is CLR. IL code 8) boxing and unboxing 9) static constructor. when it is used 10) what is a difference between value type and reference type 11) using(...){...} and Dispose 12) what is a difference between String and StringBuilder
14th Aug 2018, 1:29 AM
Roman Khristoforov
Roman Khristoforov - avatar