Someone explain me how to know if its true or false by precedence ...I don't get the logic here...


30th Jun 2018, 8:22 AM
Deesha Devi Raghu
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The == ignores the OR, so at the first one it is like False == False, which is true. The second one: False == (False or True), the () give preference. The last one: (False == False) or True, the () give preference and the == ignores the OR, so, as false is the same as false, it is true. I don't know if you could understand but my english is really bad. Hope I helped you in some way.
30th Jun 2018, 8:31 AM
Jishu🎗💛 - avatar
30th Jun 2018, 8:55 AM
Maninder $ingh
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