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System Requirements: Sololearn

Before this gets marked or deleted, hear me out. The Code Playground slows down on me around 100 lines and many people's codes freeze. Also, posts slow as I type when I type a lot. I have a phone of 512MB memory and some terrible processor. I'm lucky to soon be upgrading, but most people here probably don't have fancy mobiles. We mainly come from poor countries, that's why we're here. An idea of the specs needed for especially Playground would help people choose their (next) phone. By sharing your experience with the app, slowdowns/crashes/freezes, and your phone specs, I can work out a minimum and recommended spec for SL users to help our community. Please contribute the aforementioned and any important info like background apps, OS, etc. And please don't spam.

23rd May 2018, 11:54 PM
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Memory Requirements: Minimum: Playground: 1GB Lessons: 512MB Forum: 512MB Recommended: Playground: >1GB Lessons: 512MB Forum: 512MB Processor Requirements: All: 1GHz
24th May 2018, 9:49 AM
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System Requirements in this context largely depends on the code contents, and would mostly concern web codes, I believe. For instance, mine may "slow down" when the code involves a lot of interaction and loads a lot of graphics at the same time. (As I recall, when I ran the Touhou code by Quentin, or when I spam-pressed on an interactive fireworks code) It would do fine for most other cases of normal use. I'm not sure if 100 lines of text freezing your device is specific to SoloLearn as well - Have your tried accessing a text file of over 100 lines using your device's built-in HTML viewer? AFAIK, SoloLearn did fix the issue with displaying large codes in the past. From the outlook of it, the 512mb RAM is a limiting factor. I have ran SoloLearn on a device with 1gb RAM and encountered no problems, so I would recommend that as a minimum spec, if you are looking for an upgrade. It would help if you can provide your current device model number/code so that we can look into the specs.
24th May 2018, 7:05 AM
Hatsy Rei
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Huawei Y221* Processor: 1 Ghz (2 cores) Memory: 512MB Kernel: 3.4.67 Background: WhatsApp, Discord, Orbot Crashes: Seldom Freezing: Playground, often on large code & web code. Slowdowns: Playground on large codes always, forum on large threads sometimes. *GSM Arena specs for this phone are inaccurate. Refer to provided specs.
24th May 2018, 12:03 AM
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I know RAM is my problem and my 100 lines are also including comments (so it's more like 110 heavily-populated lines). I doubt it's the app (where's top when you need it). I'm fine on my Total Commander built-in editor with massive files but the app has nearly zero memory footprint. I'm trying to narrow all (possible) performance issues down for others' sake. Sort of an average, like "[Minimum | Recommended] requirenents". I'm way below with memory, but I can code on other editors and paste to the Playground, others can't or don't have alternatives. I am also genuinely curious. Regarding webcodes, I thought they were server-side rendered. They freeze my side on loading source (presumably because there's lots of it). I,ve run into a few that don't run and thought, "Oh, lots of graphics." Anyway, I'll update the OP with model (GSM Arena has the wrong spec for it). To give an example, I have a minor slowdown (unnoticeable to human beings) now, but if I typed double this, I may hit ~200ms latency.
24th May 2018, 9:40 AM