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Master Programmer

Now what i mean by this is NOT mastering a particular language or the foundations i am talking about the logic behind it. - Does it come with experience ??? - Solving multiple problem statements each day ??? - Solid foundation with Algorithms ??? - Know at least Algebra and Linear Algebra - Understanding of Data Structures ??? My other question is how does your mindset and thinking whenever you see: - Inputs - Outputs So i am basically asking how to be a master programmer in the long run ???

10th May 2018, 5:31 AM
Anthony Perez
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Practicing any language will help with the skills you’re asking about. To become the best programmer you can takes only practice. Knowing algebra will help with programming, and programming will help with algebra. Data structures are somewhat complex. I would say they are one of the last things you learn as a beginner. You’re then we’ll on your way to becoming intermediate. I’m referring to making your own data structures. I’m by no means a master programmer, but I see inputs as analogous with independent variables and outputs as dependent variables. Again, only practice will shape you into a talented programmer. Any mindset inefficiencies will work themselves out with time or a lack of time (deadlines).
11th May 2018, 9:50 PM
Wallace Tomason
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