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Challenge system

Hi there! I have some questions about "The challenge system": how do it is choosen the random opponent? Looking at both lvl of the person or of the specific weapon? "all players" that appear in the challenge section... are the actives? or....? Most choices I've done are fallen in inactive users and then in expired challenges that annoying me.

1st May 2018, 6:17 PM
Lys [Js, PHP] 🙋
2 Answers
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The users that appear at the top of the list are those who have completed a challenge or have recently received a response to a challenge. I have no idea how the random option used in Sololearn works, but it seems to take into account the fact that the user has made challenges recently. I mean, if you do not actively challenge a language, it is unlikely that the system will take you into account in the selection.
2nd May 2018, 2:27 AM
Mickel - avatar
uhmm..okay, thanks @Mickel
2nd May 2018, 6:12 PM
Lys [Js, PHP] 🙋