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What is the correct approach towards learning Algorithms and Data Structures, if learning for the First Time?

I am totally new to Algorithm and DS, and I am finding it Hard but doable. I am familiar with Java, Python, Java Script, HTML, CSS.

9th Dec 2016, 6:27 PM
Aditya Vardhan Singh
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3 Answers
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Algorithms. WASH hair with shampoo and CLEAN with soap Wait.... I think it's CLEAN hair with soap and RINSE with Shampoo OR Was it DRY with SOAP and RINSE with shampoo ON REPEAT. Just like the above, how are you sure the process to a program is right, how can you evaluate a program, how efficient(purposeful) is it. How do you go about combining various forms of structures, classes, loops, data types and much more to make meaningful programs and logic. Now being helpful: Before one can go into study Algorithms and.... One must be familiar with DISCRETE MATHEMATICS. IN ESSENCE you must understand Mathematics is a language(hard to believe but there's a side of mathematics that people don't get to see, the side that explains the side that is just down right distasteful, plain annoying, confusing, worse mentally false)and you must be able to understand it. Discrete Math helps in explaining this language providing a foundation for algorithm and data structures. Some resources on discrete mathematics are 1. Discrete Mathematics with Applications by Susan Epp 2. Introductory Discrete Mathematics by V. k. 3. Book of proofs by Richard Hammack These are all good books for beginners into the world of forms (algorithms, logic, data structures) and more. Off course you are bound to find it hard. Imagine if all you know how to do with a car is drive it(programming) and then suddenly you think that just by being able to drive a car suddenly you're an automotive Engineer who knows that {(a,b) E RXR |(a,b) E R:R} It's a science and believe it or not there's the science to the algorithms and data structures, really Cheap stuffs. Cheaply self learned if need be. Don't cram nor false your self on algorithms and data structures. It's not meant to be solved, it's meant to be understood and analyzed, hence WASH with shampoo. RINSE LATER REPEAT ✅
9th Dec 2016, 6:40 PM
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Jenn, Maths is a language to understand the Science and it is not hard to believe. Thank you for the answer and Shampoo dilemma.
11th Dec 2016, 7:08 AM
Aditya Vardhan Singh
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9th Dec 2016, 6:39 PM
Awadhesh Kumar
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