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Experience sharing on coding on Android Tablet. What has been your limitations so far? Any clue on how I can best use the tab

Coding on the go is something I'd like to do. I have this new Samsung A6 with Android version 7.0. your experience might be helping someone. I need tips on editors, IDEs, compilers etc.

15th Apr 2018, 8:10 PM
Abdulafeez Winjobi
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Limitations? Well, I can't work on huge projects with visuals like massive game development, I can't make an android app on Android as far as I know, same thing for Pygame, and sometimes the RAM just doesn't do the job. However, it is convenient because I can code on the go... For compilers I'd use: the code playground, AnWriter, Pydroid 3, Cxxdroid, and a few others. Those are some basic ones. I still prefer computer/laptops for larger projects, and mobile for smaller projects. ⭐⭐👍😉 I hope this helps, happy coding and good luck! 👋🙂⭐⭐
28th Jul 2018, 1:38 AM