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How can i programming game for android like shadow fight or road riot?

i want to make android game which player could buy Gem for real money and i want to know how can i recieve my money if the player buy gem when i upload it on google play

13th Apr 2018, 7:27 AM
‎مارتن صموئيل‎
1 Answer
ita actually a long journey most ppl use unity or unreal engine for that these software support various programming languages like JAVA ,C++, Kotlin,C# and many and there are many more things other then coding game . developing a game is just a tip of the ice berg u need servers money and ppl expert in one of more fields .Honestly speaking u need atleast 5-6 years of experience atleast and a good knowledge of some languages etc in short its gonna take time
21st Jun 2018, 7:12 AM
Dhruv Saini
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