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Which language can i use to create an audio recording application

want to design an application that records audio but don't know which language is more advisable

7th Mar 2018, 11:05 AM
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14th May 2018, 8:59 PM
Igor Makarsky
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Recording sound? It will need a bridge from hard to software. c++, python. If it is planned to use actual API any modern language is wellcome.
14th May 2018, 3:14 PM
Oleksii Gurets
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There are many Sites on internet And you Can take help easily and make it from Related sites........!!! Bro Check These Sites You can make it easily ... !!!😍😍 1.)https://android.jlelse.eu/create-an-audio-recorder-for-android-94dc7874f3d 2.)https://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/corona-sdk-build-an-audio-recording-app--mobile-12930 !!!!!! Check This Video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ee8aucrZOLU Or You Can Search on Google and You can get more information 💑💑 It may be made by JAVA ,C++ , Python or many Languages😊 Thanks @RoyaL BB ☺
14th May 2018, 3:33 PM
Brijesh B
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I think good way is Java and C++
14th May 2018, 3:14 PM
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14th May 2018, 3:45 PM
Zayzou - avatar
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Java and C++
14th May 2018, 6:46 PM
Marvelous Narlo
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maybe java
14th May 2018, 3:12 PM
King Frankostein®
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Please specify further: Mobile IOS, Android, PC, Mac, Windows, Linux, Raspberry, Arduino?
14th May 2018, 3:13 PM
Edward - avatar
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14th May 2018, 9:17 PM
Maxwell Anderson
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Depends on what type of application you want to make, an online web based application or a full IOS / android application. Everything I was doing used javascript bolted onto a progressive web app. Either way, you could use AudioRecorder.js, mp3recorder.js, mp3Worker.js, libmp3lame.min.js. This will all need to be served over https. I ran into issues with IOS using the getUserMedia(). I gave up with it in the end as we decided to do something a little differently but you can find tons of threads about this online. Hope this helps.
14th May 2018, 3:20 PM
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It depends... If you coding app for android - JAVA. Otherwise Python. I am quite sure, that there is ready a module suitable for this job. Just use google. You will save a lot of time.
14th May 2018, 4:12 PM
Miso - avatar
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hi fredrick pwol , if web application is ok for you than I would suggest the mediastream recording API, with JavaScript here's a sample demo with explanation https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/MediaStream_Recording_API since the recording demo needs file access hence not easy to show on SoloLearn. to create audio , here's a demo code I have using webAudioApi, you can also record the sound stream if you wish using the above link https://code.sololearn.com/WUGRWCpvHJqz/?ref=app
14th May 2018, 7:50 PM
Morpheus - avatar
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i think that python good choice(All my think).
14th May 2018, 3:33 PM
Kridtapas Rordtook
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fredrick pwol The language would be C++.You can also opt for Objective C as a dev language if you are an iOS user. BUT CONSIDERING THE CASE LIKE YOURS, You can switch to JUCE. It is a cross platform of C++ framework which is partially open sourced.It's was specially built for mobile and app development purposes.And it's definitely built for MUSIC COMPOSER/ MUSIC PRODUCER/ SOUND ENGINEER.JUCE was written in C++ and it has its own good library. But if you use any of the Cross platforms to develop plugins you may get inconsistency in time base of the MIDI message Timestamps.Even in CoreMIDI. So you need to implement on buffer in your DAW.Basically the F* Studio has a smaller size of buffer. But equating to unity, C++ or Java will be a good language to start with. while(007) Hope clarified!
15th May 2018, 6:21 AM
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C / C++ / C# / Objective C
14th May 2018, 5:19 PM
Andrew Smith
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In this days, C++ is powerful language. So, you should go with C++. Or you can go with a cup of hot tea 😂😜
14th May 2018, 8:14 PM
Golamrabbi Azad
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c++ is awesome when interacting with hardware. i suggest c++ and the c++ Qt framework.
14th May 2018, 11:09 PM
Germain F
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If you want a platform-independent app, you can use java. You must to import javax.sound library to do it.
15th May 2018, 6:26 AM
Jaime Quirant
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i thing all high level languages can do this ;) the question is on which environment you want to use your application
14th May 2018, 6:54 PM
Stefanoo - avatar
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I think java will be the best
15th May 2018, 1:50 AM
Bitthal Maheshwari
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