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Which language ?

Which are the language used to develop app for tizen platform ?

27th Nov 2016, 2:28 PM
Anil Krishna Raj
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There are two type of application development. 1-Tizen native application 2-Tizen web application 1) A mobile native application is created using the C and C# language, and can be run on Tizen mobile devices. The application uses the native API, which provides various interfaces to the device hardware allowing you to take advantage of numerous capabilities tailored to run with limited device resources. 2) A Tizen application is based on the standard web technology such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, and W3C widget packaging. With the support of rich Tizen Device API and Web UI framework, developers can create variety of applications which run in multiple devices. So, traditional web developers can leverage their knowledge in developing Tizen applications which utilize native device features.
27th Nov 2016, 2:34 PM
Anil Krishna Raj
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