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What is going on with the Quiz Questions?,

Seriously, what the heck? I mainly do Java quizzes these days and the questions are getting worse with each week. Not only a lot of code snippets are imposible to solve (nested loops and calculating the output) unless you know the answer beforehand from having seen it already; but others are just plain wrong! I'm talking about code that wouldn't compile, misconceptions on a lot of subjects and even utterly wrong answers to the questions given. (I continue on first comment)

24th Jan 2018, 3:22 PM
Belegor son of Talagor
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3 Answers
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u can dislike them //thats what to do with wrong quizzes /*i simply dislike those quizzes , if i am 100% that not correct or if many similiar questions like that exist */
24th Jan 2018, 4:43 PM
Gaurav Agrawal
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ofcurse..thats y I stopped playing quizzes... take screenshots .. practice it... then come and play next quiz.. possibly we can win..
24th Jan 2018, 4:07 PM
Somasundaram R
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Ffs, I've just seen a question whose code snippet had something like this: class Program{ int a; static{ print.(a); } void main(){ System.out.print(a); } } And this is supposed to have been voted by the community? The quizzes section needs SoloLearn moderation ASAP. You can't let newcomers to the matter decide which ones are good/correct and which ones aren't, they just don't have the knowledge! This is how you spread disinformation and terrible practices. So, so disappointed.
24th Jan 2018, 3:26 PM
Belegor son of Talagor
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