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Career advice?

i want to ask you in something important in my career i studying now in business college which I learning marketing, accounting, management, businesses small and large, economic, and I work alone on coding I learned c#, asp.net, html and plan to learn java and Android and could speak Arabic, English, French and working on Germany and I confused about what is my career is going to be? is there's a job could need these abilities? can I mix them in one career? or just choose one?

20th Jan 2018, 3:43 AM
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You have learned, and are learning valuable knowledge, and languages (programming and non-programming); with such assets you don't need to worry much I guess. Even if you don't know how to program, there are many available tools out there ready to use for professionals in business, marketing, and management, companies will provide them (at their preferences) or occasionally, you were given freedom to choose one you are confident, or comfort working with. You probably would be required to be a very thorough and in-depth analyst, who then makes decisions, based on the analysis of data you're working with. You may still encounter a time when you need your technical knowledge, but not as often, unless you like to have all the work tools hand made (by yourself). As @Ace had suggested, you need to ask yourself which department you enjoy working with most, you may gain a lot of income, but if you can't enjoy what you do, then it's just all about money. If it's what you're after, I guess you focus on marketing, because companies pay the marketing guys the best, because they are the ones who gets the products sold. In reality, sadly, technical divisions are only considered as background support, to the management they are not as important as marketing, when it comes to closing a deal (no offense). Best of luck on your studies, and hope you find a job you love, or business of your own : )
20th Jan 2018, 4:57 AM