can somebody show the actual working of progress bar dynamically!?

I want to see the progress bar moving forward from 0 to 100 !

26th Jun 2016, 5:25 AM
Rahul Nishar
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4 Answers
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you can using a clock to refresh the progress bar each half second.
26th Jun 2016, 3:56 PM
Ian - avatar
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I'm assuming you want a live progress bar to show download progress (perhaps?). Anyways u won't be doing that in javascript, at least not in common JS, my suggestion would be to setup a to and fro connection with your backend (where u r downloading the file in this ex.) and make it return the percentage of download completed, this output can be then parsed by your javascript which in turn updates ur html div which consists of the progress bar. I'd use AJAX to dynamically update the html div while making uniform calls to ur backend, this is entirely dynamic, if u like i can link here an example which does exactly this with php as backend. :)
15th Feb 2017, 9:17 AM
Yash Saraf
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@sagir I want the dynamic working I.e. using JavaScript with HTML
26th Jun 2016, 6:24 AM
Rahul Nishar
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Status: <progress min="0" max="100" value="35"> </progress>
26th Jun 2016, 6:08 AM
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