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Where to go to get better at coding?

HEY PLEASE HELP ME GUYS! Hey guys I have received certifications in 1.Html 2.css 3.php 4.python 5.js. And some linux shell. I am wanting to learn how to actually start using some of what I have learned, does anyone know of any great websites that teach you how to buld software, while teaching you how to code, so that I can feel much more confident in writing things.

4th Nov 2016, 5:05 PM
Mark Carpenter
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Go to university and learn programming properly, certificates are just paper. Of course if you don't want to go there, you can just start working for yourself. Build programmes for you, make websites for yourself and you will learn the languages in depth.
4th Nov 2016, 5:00 PM
Evcheto Novakova
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thenewboston.com teamtreehouse.com udemy.com udacity.com tutorialspoint.com
10th Dec 2016, 7:04 AM
Giorgi R.
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Hi Mark Carpenter, congratulations on getting this far. What you are looking for is "Thinking like a developer". Now that you know the syntax and concepts, you need to build a portfolio or find a website that helps you build one. Sololearn is my supplementary website for Udacity.com, check them out I believe this is where you will learn to think like a developer and make that crucial jump. Also do some research into how stacks are formed. For example this is a Front-End stack: 1. HTML, HTML 5. 1.1 - DOM. 2. CSS, CSS3. 2.1 - LESS OR SASS. 3. JAVASCRIPT. 3.1 - JQUERY OR ANGULARJS OR REACTJS.
4th Nov 2016, 5:08 PM
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codeacademy and codeschool
4th Nov 2016, 6:51 PM
Taras Bilobran
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Thank You very much
4th Nov 2016, 5:41 PM
Mark Carpenter
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as you know these languages try making your own website using these languages and don't stop practicing
4th Nov 2016, 4:49 PM
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I think Python is best and easy
5th Nov 2016, 5:54 AM
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Find local codedojos or similar activities and get involved. Get yourself involved in some OpenSource development projects, there is a lot more to coding than just producing code - get exposed to the whole life cycle.
5th Nov 2016, 10:28 AM
Robert McC
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Hi Mark. Congrats on achieving these certifications. Have you checked FreeCodeCamp. That, too is a good site for coding.
16th Nov 2016, 3:10 PM
Mohammed Nabeel
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22nd Nov 2016, 1:39 AM
Justin John
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but I disagree about the university...unless u have 50000 dollars laying around...or more... Employers don't want paper...they want applicable results...granted a paper may guarantee that more...but a portfolio says more than a piece of paper ever will
22nd Nov 2016, 2:22 AM
Joseph - avatar
5th Nov 2016, 11:31 PM
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I second Udacity!
22nd Nov 2016, 2:19 AM
Joseph - avatar
thank you
26th Dec 2016, 7:30 PM
Mark Carpenter
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